• Summary

    Engineer in innovation, I initiate, stimulate, support, develop and manage innovative projects.

    I have a systemic and global vision of companies : I am able to integrate technologies, marketing, strategy, finance, human resources management, industrial & process concerns when dealing with various issues.
    Through Nowall innovation, I propose my skills, as a consultant or a part-time engineer, to companies willing to get involved into business development through innovation.
  • Experience

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    Finantis Value

    Apr 2017 - present
    Finantis and Nowall Innovation created Finantis Value, a subsidiary that handles financial valuations of intangible assets (patents, software, brands / trademarks, digital products, know-how, Copyright ...) and also business valuations.
    Finantis Value results from the original alliance between the financial engineering of Finantis and the innovation development skills developed by Nowall Innovation. We help you define an appropriate strategy for managing intangible assets.
    For Finantis Value, "innovation is capital".
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    Nowall innovation

    Founder and CEO
    may 2015 - present
    It is easier to innovate when not having your nose to the grindstone, but you cannot manage your company the nose in the wind either!
    Compromise is: you continue your routine and we tell you when it is interesting to look up.

    Therefore, we propose:
    - To stimulate innovative projects, open new paths:
    • Diagnosis and possible developments to gradually integrate innovation process
    • Animation of working groups, creative sessions, functional and value analysis sessions (multi-disciplinary, multi-actor)
    • Training (creativity tools, ideas formalization and validation, innovation management)
    • Identification of ways to integrate an "open innovation" strategy in line with the company's vision.
    - Assist you in the strategic and operational management of innovation:
    • Project audit and development strategy, according to their nature and the company's vision
    • Implementation of a technological and competitive intelligence 
    • Strategy of diversification or differentiation (products/services)
    • Innovation marketing, market research, business plan
    • Industrial property strategy and IP development 
    • "Outsourcing" of innovation with a timeshare engineer to conduct a coherent innovation policy (watch, proposal, implementation, project management, etc.) 
    - Identification and negotiation of partnerships (R&D, industrial or commercial): communication, validation of interest with market experts, potential licensees identification, assistance in negotiations, support to contracting and transfer, monitoring contracts and their implementation

    - For entrepreneurs & startups: IP strategy, assistance in business plan writing and validation, preparation for finding investors, associates, commercial or industrial partners research
    - Financial valuation of patents, softwares, web & mobile applications, for capital contribution, due diligence, equity, transfer or assignment.
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    Start-up project - co-leader
    APR 2015 - JAN 2016
    Validation of a concept : a social web/mobile platform dedicated to the diffusion and promotion of events.
    Definition of a SaaS enabling to create a complete print & digital communication kit in one step.


    Freelance partner - Innovation Development senior consultant
    Dec 2014 - Dec 2016
    Partnership with Seekence on the matters of innovation management and licensing.
    Paris area business development.


    Sep 2010 - Nov 2015
    Definition, implementation and launch of an innovative service standing in sending parcels, but also letters and e-mails, on a chosen date, at anytime in the future. These services are dedicated to individuals and professionals.
    Mailenium.com is the first website proposing this offer, that is listed in the world.

    Development of business plans, IT specifications, management of development teams (including offshore), industrial property, entrepreneurship, development strategy, operational management : accounting, customer relations, marketing & communication, public relations (TV, radio, newsprint, web),  industrial and financial partnerships...
    conseil en innovation et valorisation

    Cabinet de conseil

    Innovation development and financial valuation department manager
    Apr 2009 - Jun 2014
    Accompaniment of SMBs, major accounts, research laboratories, universities and project leaders in the industrial-, economic development and financial valuation of innovation.

    * Innovation enhancement and Intellectual Property development (patents in any field): validation of the value and competitiveness of innovations, strategic guidance relating to their protection and enhancement, research and negotiation of partnerships, technology transfer.

    * Financial valuation of intangible assets (mainly patents)

    * Diversification of activities for small and medium businesses

    * Various missions such as the leading of a working group composed of major accounts' IP Directors, or portfolios audits. And also team management, communication...

    A few references : LVMH Recherche, Total, EDF, Monoprix, RATP, CSTB, Eco-systèmes, Terra SA, Université de Technologie de Troyes, Institut de Myologie, Institut Telecom, Observatoire de Paris, Université de Provence, SMIs & SMEs, projects leaders, institutions leading collective programs, ...
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    Medium projects manager
    Feb 2006 - Apr 2009
    Management of projects standing in optimization of asset management in France and abroad, on behalf of Financial Departments of major European accounts.

    Management of teams of auditors and analysts up to 10 people.
    Development of new services for the group.

    A few references : CPI, Dell, McDonald’s, Nortel Networks, Alcatel Lucent, Hilti, Assedic, Baxter, Ipsen, Universal Music, Veolia, SNCM, MBK Industrie, Amadeus, Ares, Linedata Services, GEM, Attijariwafa Bank Europe, GIP Cyceron, etc.
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    Adequation Consulting

    Junior consultant
    Sep 2004 - Jan 2006
    Management of projects with organizational, human and economic dimensions in SMEs and associations in the health and medico-social fields
    - strategic workforce planning - diagnosis and support,
    - Quality (ISO 9001) and QSE policy
    - Professional training.

    Development and launch of the ENTICIP ® offer : advanced diagnosis assessing sustainable performances.
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    Product Designer
    Feb 2003 - Sep 2003
    Providing consistency and enhancing the company's offer to anchor its business strategy

    - Complete development and launch of a new integrated service offer named Inov'Acting ®: theater in order to support innovation
    - Initiation and sustainability of the partnership with Isotélie
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    CHRU Nancy - Brabois Children Hospital

    Product development
    Sep 2001 - Sep 2002
    Design, specifications, prototyping of a surgical mask in the context of pediatric oncology service.
    Filing a patent application, compliance with standards, search for suitable materials, ergonomic study, inclusion of patients and health workers in the project, psychological impact.
    Winner of Entrepreneurship Network contest
    Subsequently, a SMB has studied the industrialization of this mask and carried out pre series.

    "In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed."

    C. Darwin

  • Skills

    Innovation Management

    From the idea(s) generation to the market

    International Project Management

    international partnerships

    Business and innovation strategy

    Business model definition, business plan
    R&D, commercial or industrial partnerships

    Intellectual property

    Industrial property : protection strategy (patents, trademarks...), development through partnerships, and financial valuation (patents, softwares...)
  • Education

    MIT, Centrale Paris, University of Maryland

    Continuing vocational training

    • Financing your business
      MOOC - Ecole Centrale de Paris
    • Innovation for entrepreneurs : from idea to market
      MOOC - University of Maryland
    • Design thinking for business innovation
      MOOC - University of Virginia - Darden School of Business
    • U.Lab: Transforming Business, Society, and Self
      MOOC - MIT Boston (MA)
    • IDEA - Innovation, Design, Enrtepreneurship and Arts
      MOOC - Ecole Centrale de Lyon & EM Lyon
    • Art of negotiation
      MOOC - University of California


    Engineer in Systems and Innovation
    General engineering, specialized in innovating projects management
    ENSGSI (National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine)
    National School in Systems Engineering and Innovation (formerly Industrial Systems Engineering)
    ENSGSI is the first european school to get the Management of Technology (MOT) label from IAMOT and MOTAB, certifying the quality of its training regarding technology management.
    ENSGSI is within the global directory published by the INCOSE (International Council of Systems Engineering) and the « Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC), that lists universities and educational institutions internationally recognized for the quality of their training in " systems engineering ". Only 36 universities have this distinction in Europe to date.

    National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine

    Management of innovating projects, Master's degree
    recognized in 2015 by L'Usine Nouvelle's ranking as the third best engineering training in France, following Polytechnique and INP Grenoble.
    Université de Lorraine

    Nancy II University

    European cultures, University degree 
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